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3. Membership
3.1 Eligibility

3.1.1 Any adult (21 years old and over) of Lebanese nationality who is currently involved in the teaching of English at any educational level for at least five years is eligible for membership.

3.1.2 Any adult (21 years old and over) of non-Lebanese nationality who is currently involved in the teaching of English at any educational level for at least five years is eligible for membership, provided that the number does not exceed 25% of the total number of members.

3.2 Dues

3.2.1 The annual membership due shall be L.L. 25,000.

3.2.2 Membership lasts for one year (January 1 till December 31 of that year).

3.3 Rights and Responsibilities

3.3.1 A member shall receive a membership card, the ATEL Newsletter and up-dated information on activities and events.

3.3.2 A member who has fulfilled all the conditions of membership has the right to vote.

3.3.3 A member loses membership if ethical misconduct towards the Association has been proven, if financial obligations have been neglected and / or if membership conditions have been broached.

4. General Assembly
4.1 The meeting in one place of the members of the Association, duly convened in accordance with the provision of the Association’s constitution, shall constitute a General Assembly.

4.2 The General Assembly shall convene once a year for an annual regular business meeting to be held no later than the first Sunday of January.

4.3 The General Assembly is called to convene for the following purposes:

To approve the Annual Report of the Executive Committee

To be presented with an audited statement of the accounts of the Association during the previous year ending December 31

To approve the budget of the current year

To elect the Executive Committee by secret ballot

To present all proposed and approved resolutions to the Executive Committee

To consider any motion to amend the Association Constitution

To consider any motion to dissolve the Association

To transact other business as may appear on the Agenda

4.4 All motions shall be deemed to be carried by a simple majority except those relating to amendments in the Constitution, which shall require the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the registered members.

4.5 Other meetings of the General Assembly shall be convened by the President, when necessary, in any of the following ways:

Upon the request of the Executive Committee

Upon a written request made by 10% of the members specifying the exact purpose of the meeting